list of modules allowed in python 3

list of third party modules of python allowed in codechef?

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Go to and try importing the module. If no error is thrown then module is available.

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I ran the following code on
import pip print(sorted(["%s==%s" % (i.key, i.version) for i in pip.get_installed_distributions()]))
Thanks to

apparently, I can’t copy paste the output in mobile. Check it yourself.
Weirdly, I don’t know why it has scikit-learn, pandas etc installed.

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The above code does show all the installed packages, I noticed numpy and scipy are missing. You can get the complete list (as far as I know) in Python 3.6 using

import pkg_resources
print(*pkg_resources.working_set, sep='\n')

As of now it shows this list.

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