Links to Upcoming Cook-Off and Challenge are Wrong

The upcoming December Cook-Off 2015 is COOK65, but clicking the December Cook-Off link under “Compete” leads to COOK66, the January Cook-Off 2016. Also, the January Challenge link is JAN15 when really, it should be JAN16. This is very confusing because it makes it seem like COOK65 is in 40 days when really, it is this Sunday and that the January Challenge is already over even though it’s not January.

Thank you for noticing this issue!


Just change COOK66 with COOK65 in the url:, you will be directed to December Cook-Off page that is about to take place after 5 days (20th December '15).

This works, but it is still confusing and an issue that CodeChef should fix by changing the links to the right URLs.

The issue has been fixed. Thanks for bringing it to our notice.

The January Challenge link is still to JAN15 and not JAN16.