Links to Editorials for April Cook-Off...


To inform that links provided from problems view of April Cook-Off don´t work.

For example, the first problem CANDY123 links to : while the real URL is:


Links to the problems are not working…it shows error.@admin to fix it.

Also, links to setters and testers codes for some problems are working .The links for some problems (like XORSUM) are working and rest are showing “Acess denied”…
EDIT- Links to codes are fixed. Thanks @admin

@admin, its becoming a “habit” that every time editorials are posted, there is a problem/discrepancy with links. Can something be done regarding this?

BTW, OP, I am kind of confused with what you wish to convey? The link to problem in practice section, or link to editorial or link to codes?

Codes are uploaded by someone manually. An editorialist creates a link anyway, but sometimes codes aren’t yet uploaded. This procedure is quite ugly and inconvenient. Maybe we will manage to make it smoother.


I guess we cant do much then except bring the problem to the notice asap. Thanks for replying :slight_smile: