linked list implementations

A rapidly growing medium-sized organization has 74 employees. The management has decided to keep the employee information in the computer and the person detailed to do that has come up with the following data types, data structure and variables:

CONST MaxEmployees = 250;

Name = String[20];
Day: 1…31;
Month: 1…12;
Year: 1800…2060
Gender = (Male, Female);
Position = (Director, Manager, Professional, Junior, Subordinate);
Department = (Finance, IT, Marketing, Personnel, Production,
Customer_Care, Purchasing, Research);
Dependants:= RECORD
F_Name: Name;
L_Name: Name;
Sex: Gender;
Birth_Date: Date
Employee_Data = RECORD
First_Name: Name;
Last_Name: Name;
Sex: Gender;
Designation: Position;
Function: Department;
Salary: Real;
Birth_Date: Date;
Hire_Date: Date;
Marital = (Single, Married);
Kin: ARRAY[1…5] of Dependants
Employee_Info = RECORD
Data: Employee_Data;
Employee_Key: 0…MaxEmployees
Employees = ARRAY[1…MaxEmployees] of Employee_Info;

VAR	Personnel: Employees;

The company recently engaged a new employee, who is married and has one child. The name of his spouse is Grace Rehema and the child’s name is Furaha Amani. Grace was born on July 7, 1977 and Furaha, who is a boy, was born on January 1, 2000. The new employee is the seventy fifth (75th) employee.

Given the variable being used above, and the information provided, assign the new employee’s spouse and child’s information in the list of employees.
(4 Marks)

Another IT employee has suggested that the employee information in question (1) above should be kept in a Linked List with Dynamic Variables. Given the employee information above, declare the data types and variable needed to build the list of employees and enter the information for the FIRST employee, Wema Fadhili, who is the Finance Director, a female, is married to Baraka Imani and they have a child, Tumaini Kibali, who is a boy. Come up with the information for the Director and the dependants and enter this information in the list. Assume that the list is already created and is empty.