Linked list are allowed in codechef

Is using linked list not valid on codechef ?
Or the compilers don’t support it ??

First, check your code on ideone, if that code works fine on ideone. Then, it surely works on codechef. And i don’t think there is any platform which not support linked list.

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All data structures that you need to code on your own, can be used in codechef.

PS: I obviously meant all data structures, but with memory requirements within the available limit. You cannot go on to create and use a linked list of, say, 10^10 elements.

@skbly7 >> What compiler do you select while compiling your code here at Codechef? So all the features* that are included in the mentioned compiler are expected to be exactly the same here on online judge as well.

*of the compiler

There are two types of linked list available in STL, std::list<> and std::forward_list<>.