Life time of Authorization code and Access Token

In documentation the life of the codes are given below

Life of Access Token
Access token once generated will survive for one hour.

Life of Authorization Code
Authorization token once generated will survive for 30 seconds.

What i observed

When i saw the json data related to access token, it has a field named expires_in:3600 which mean around 3.5 sec but in documentation it is specified as one hour. Coming to Authorization code, some times it is working when there is a delay between subsequent requests and sometimes it is failing, The user needs to Authorize again and again. So, Admin can you tell us what actually are the life times of Access Token and Authorization code

I think by 3600 they mean 3600 seconds, which comes out to be 1 hour (3600/60 mins = 60 mins = 1 hour)

well first i thought that was true, but when i tried it is giving me the error token expired, and also facing lot of trouble with the Authorization code tooooo

@rajeshbts, the life of access token is one hour as said by @tanmaydatta. You might have been exceeding the rate limit based on IP or per user per route limit, because of which you are not getting the desired result.