Let us play with even and odd numbers

In question of IIT Kanpur,monthly programming contest i want to know that what does the meaning of "operation " here.Thanks in advance.

Probably you forgot to add a link…

Operation means you can change odd number to an even number of vice versa. I.e. you can change 2(even) to 3(odd) or 3(odd) to 2(even). By what ways it is changed, we are not concerned with that!!

will you please elaborate by giving some more test cases like for e=12 and o=8.
Please be fast!!

It’s not allowed to explain any test case, but i can only tell here that, you have 12 even numbers. If you convert one even number to odd, then after the operation you’ll have e=11 and o=9 because an even number gets converted to odd. Similarly, if you do vice-versa, you can get e=13 and o=7, then you can solve further.