Can anyone please explain the output of the sample testcases in LEPAINT question?

In the first testcase, c=3, so the colors for 4 rounds can be anything from 0000 to 2222…am I correct on this?


Same from my side !

accuracy for this question is highest among all…seems like simple probability related problem… :confused:

yeah…It will be good, if anyone atleast explain the given test case.

yea… if anyone could explain a test case. It would be great.

Just read the question carefully. It is important for you to understand what a single round of painting consists of.

I don’t think I am allowed to say anything more than that.

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atleast give a hint about total number of subsets of objects after 1st turn.? is it 10?

As I said I don’t think I’m allowed to. If any hints are to be given out the author will do that. Check the comments section of the question to see if the author has given any hints.