Maybe it’s too obvious or something everyone would have learned but I have been reading the LEBALONS problem over and over again but I am unable to comprehend this: What does expected cost of gift mean?

I don’t intend to flout rules. I am not asking for test cases, hints etc. It’s just the definition of the term ‘expected cost’ I am asking. I asked on the problem page but there’s no answer yet. It would be great if a link to the definition is provided either here or in the problem page.


is there any case when two or more same color ballon have different cost or for any given test case the value of Ci will be same ?

you are probably right, “expected cost” isn’t so clear, but you should think what it can refer too.
I wonder why they haven’t provided any explanation to the test cases.They usually do.I dont know if i should help you…but … maybe the question means that elephant is trying to find the average of the all possible gifts he can give to hippo. i dont know i haven’t solved the question. i am just guessing. i myself am confused.

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It is possible, that C_i == C_j same rule applies as always - do not assume something not written in problem statement (confirmed by CodeChef admins).

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Captain Obvious… He could have searched on wiki without you giving link.