Learning !!

Hello everyone!! I have started learning algorithms and data structures.After learning each topic i want to solve examples related to that specific algorithm.So how can i search or know that an specific problem is based on specific algorithm ? Is am on right track ? if not, so how should i get started ?

@nova9 you have to start practising problem available on codechef http://www.codechef.com/problems/easy you have to identify the algorithm which is applying on some problems .You will not get question that apply direct algo you just have to identify them i will recommend you start solving easy section problem first.


You can use this link.

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Have a look a http://discuss.codechef.com/questions/41313/what-should-i-do-to-improve-my-performance-on-codechef.

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Thanks to everyone(@saajan,@r3gz3n,@roman28)for helping !!

try to solve from this link :