Learn Data structures java

Where to can learn Java?

As you know java is a very important language in software, apps and web development and also in Data structure course.
Please give your suggestions and remember I am a beginner in coding.

Tutorials Point is a good reference site for Java tutorials (https://www.tutorialspoint.com/java/). And you will get introduced to other classes and data structures by solving problems.

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Durga software solution is india’s no java training institute. Durga sir is pioneer of java and teaches very nice.This video series is very good for beginners and explains every concept very deeply, this series will be great for you. Once you start watching this series you won’t stop rather you will get addicted to it like any TV show.

In addition to above answer, tutorialspoint doesn’t give you indepth knowledge of anything it just introduces you with the topic. But if you want to play around with the things you need to have very deep knowledge so dugasoft’s tutorials will be really great.

You can also refer this answer.