last me to 5 5 ayega 6 nahi ?

int main()
int *ptr;
int x;

ptr = &x;
*ptr = 0;

printf(" x = %d\n", x);
printf(" *ptr = %d\n", *ptr);

*ptr += 5;
printf(" x  = %d\n", x);
printf(" *ptr = %d\n", *ptr);

printf(" x = %d\n", x);
printf(" *ptr = %d\n", *ptr);

return 0;


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@letsctheworld…ok…so are u ashamed of the language…cause last time i checked, it is our national language???


@kunal361 …just for info, Hindi is our official language, not our national language. It was confirmed by various government authorities and is mentioned clearly in the Constitution. Anyways, for such global forums, English is more preferred mode of communication I believe.

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This is an international website, people from around the world access this. If you want to get your question answered quickly, you should write it in a language that most people can understand. And English is widely used here.

Also, i have no idea what you’re trying to ask. Please explain your question in more detail.

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Nahi 6 6 hi aaega.

Because *(ptr++) means *ptr= *ptr+1.


The above can be written as:


Because ptr is pointing to x’s location. and *ptr can be written exactly as x.

@tacoder…does that mean…it cant be used…and @biswarupb…ok then…u can say what u want or maybe even prove it…but u cant deny that it is the most used language in INDIA…so there is no harm using it…and i think we must stop spamming this post…no disrespect meant to ne1…:slight_smile:

just give a look at his handle ,it’s also in hindi @jaabe (go away)…Seems to be true INDIAN _/_ :slight_smile:

@kunal361 I never said that. Please read my comment again. You could use Russian, french, Spanish, or any language for that matter. It’s just that less number of people are going to understand your question if you use a language that isn’t common.

And you should visit south india. People there don’t understand hindi but they do understand English. India is a diverse county with lots of langauges and cultures. That’s why india does not have a national language.