Last Few Days : Register for Google Code Jam 2018

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I would like to share this important info via this awesome platform.

Every year Google Code Jam calls on programmers around the world to put their skills to the test by solving multiple rounds of algorithmic puzzles. The online rounds conclude in the World Finals, which rotates globally. In addition to being challenging and fun, Code Jam problems can help you develop your coding and programming skills.

It’s is great opportunity for the Indian Programmers to compete, and gain substantial experience for the future.Actually last year I missed the competition due to lack of awareness. Hope if you haven’t registered yet this post will help you for sure.


You can check out the schedule here :
Official Site link :

The platform is bit change relative to last year.You can check the comments in the given
link :

All of you are invited in this discussion, to actively participate and share and learn !

All the best to all the participants participating this year!

Happy Coding!


I could not participate in practice round, so, will I be allowed to participate further rounds.

ya why not!

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Practice round was just for getting accustomed to the new platform, you can practice past problems here :


One more doubt. Can you plz tell me How many people are selected in Qualification Round. And What actually is Online Round 1: Sub-Round A,B,C. Will there be any division in these rounds?? Or Can I participate in all of them. Or getting selected in all 3 rounds is compulsary?? Or I can participate in any one of them depending on my ease.

The Qualification Round runs for 27 hours. You may use as much or as little of that time as you would like.

Unlike every other Code Jam round, there is no limit on the number of potential advancers from the Qualification Round. You will advance to Round 1 if you earn a pre-specified minimum number of points, which will be posted on the page for the round. You may wish to review Visible versus Hidden test sets and optimistic scoring; it doesn’t hurt to score some extra points just in case!

for more details you can visit :


UPDATE : @aryanc403 It is 25 points for qualifying to round 1, in 27 hours window which opens at April 7, 4:30 AM IST as per the mail I recieved today.


I had a doubt,if lets say i couldnt solve a problem ,but did some wrong submissions to it,will i get penalized?

And also does submitting wrong will affect the points i gained till now?

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Check out the “Scoring” section at bottom of link :
Hope this helps :slight_smile: