Large numbers division in c..?

How to divide large numbers in C…? , ex:1234567897465897/1231456465 ? without using long long format specifier…

this is the operations you want to do on objects that make you choose a way of representing them properly. meanwhile, what do you mean by “division” ? floating point division or integer quotient ? the answer would be very different in each case imho.

integer quotient…?
wat wud b the process if we had represented them in arrays…?

hmmm … if i were you, i would try to do it exactly the same way of solving it by hand and paper.

 1256 | 27
-108  |------
= 176 | 46
- 162 |
=  14 |

doing this, you only need multiplication and sum, which are very easy operations with arrays. you can find various algorithms on the web for that. good luck.