lapindromes (wrong answer)

why code chef is giving wrong answer for my code while its giving me the desired output on my compiler ?
please check whats wrong with my code.
here its is

your code is giving wrong answer for the foll test case:



Your output : No

Correct output :Yes

I think you have not tested your program extensively …there must be some major flaw in your algo…hope this test case provides you some hint…if you have any doubts comment below…CHEERS HAPPY CODING :slight_smile:

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but its giving me the correct output i.e. YES for the input cccccdrdccccc

please do check it once more

heres the proof:

hey i am not able to check this link i mean its showing me not found

i hve updated it with a new one.this one is working

yeah i checked it but really its giving me YES on my compiler

i think you are not using a gcc compiler…is it turbo c?

no its code blocks

hey…you there…?? you checked it??

here’s your accepted answer:

The error is you have not terminated a and b strings with a null(’\0’)
character…and you have also not initialized the character variable A.if you find this post helpful upvote and mark my answer as accepted answer…CHEERS HAPPY CODING :slight_smile:

thanks :slight_smile: and HAPPY CODING :slight_smile: