LADDUS ( May Lunchtime 2017 )

May Lunchtime 2017 was cancelled but 100% attendance is required in monthly challenges , cookoff and lunchtime for 1000 LADDUS . Will it be considered or not ???

No, May Lunchtime 2017 will not be considered in 100% attendance. @admin himself made that clear in a previously asked question.


No, it will not be considered.

Please atleast give a search in forums before asking these type of questions. Its i think the third time someone asked this.

The admins have officially notified that it wont be considered for 100% attendance reward or anything else, because contest was cancelled and closed before it could be finished (i.e. it did not ran for entire duration). In such cases, they cannot include it for 100% attendance, or any other laddus reward.