Laddus For School Students in Monthly Cook-off

Why don’t CodeChef gives Laddus to School students in Monthly Cook-off as they do for Long Challenge & Lunctime?

According to this month’s Long Challenge there’re approximately 225 non-Indian High School Students and probably more Indian High School Students solving at least 1 problem. There’ll be many people getting this prize and I think the lower bound is too low imo. However this idea might be great if the lower bound is increased. (and maybe the prize can be increased too, 25 per month seems too little to claim a prize imo) Of course, this still have to depend on Codechef’s budget too etc…

TL;DR I think the criteria is too low for winning a prize, but maybe giving out more prizes is a good idea if the budget permits. Maybe consider giving school prizes for Cook Offs too since currently there aren’t prizes for school students. Just my two cents.


Codechef can at least give 50 laddus to the top 100 Indian students! but Codechef should surely do something(more) to encourage Indian students

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Sorry, but I disagree with you. If you give away 25 laddus to school students every month for solving only 1 long contest problem, it would do nothing but hinder their growth. If they want laddus, they have to work for it and improve their programming skills in order to solve more problems. Nothing in life comes easy. If you want something, you have to work for it. And if students come here only to win laddus, then they’ll reach nowhere. The main aim and objective should be to improve your programming, backed up by your love for coding. Laddus is merely a form of encouragement, a reward for your deserved hardwork.

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Yes I completely agree with you but 25 laddus is too less. I think that a good idea would be to give laddus to more people in cook-offs and long challenges and give about 100 laddus to top 50 Indian School students in lunchtime.