Laddus for previous Challenges

I secured 179th rank in June LunchTime and 115th in July Long but my Laddus are still 0. Here It is mentioned that for Contest Win (CodeChef’s Long, Cook-Off, LTIME or any contest hosted with us), 300 + Bonus(Bonus = n – contest rank, where ‘n’ is 21 for long contest and 11 for short contests) Laddus would be awarded, But mine is still 0.

Why is that?? Have they started distributing Laddus or not?

You have received laddus before, for the ranking in the contests? I’ve never received, if you are right I should receive based in three contests, not counting, the lasts two

nope… I never got it actually… but it was supposed to be given since March 2017 I guess…

This will make it clearer, I think?

I think bonus cant be negative. If bonus<0 then laddus won’t be awarded. The least amount of laddus I have ever been awarded is 300 :confused:

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I have actually read it… may be it would be clear for foreigner participants but I still do not know reason why they were not rewarded to me as Indian participant… Can you please specify the rule which is justifying 0 Laddus for Indian participants in above case(179th rank in June LunchTime and 115th in July Long but my Laddus are still 0)? :slight_smile:

yup… they cannot be -ve, and your case implies that they are rewarding laddus… And for which contest you got 300? I meant under which rule you got 300 laddus?

I got most of my laddus due to the school students quota. Mainly from being top 5 in long or top 10 in lunchtime :slight_smile:

  1. April Lunchtime 2017(Rank 9): 302 laddus
  2. May Challenge 2017(Rank 2): 300 laddus
  3. June challenge 2017(Rank 4): 300 laddus

That’s all that I got recently, no laddus for cookoffs though(Even if rank was 2).

ok… so they are rewarding only top 11 in short contest and top 21 in long contest a/c to you… But in that case they should have mentioned it clearly that minimum laddus will be awarded is 300 and not 1…

Minimum laddus awareed are 300. You can also search forums for such similar Q, where it has been nicely answered.

(+1 at give laddus to top 300 tho :D)

Can you please give me exact link where they have mentioned that bonus cannot be -ve and minimum laddus would be awarded = 300?? I could not find it so…

were you among top 20 participants from india ? i guess they award Laddus to top 20(Long Challenge) in the ranklist from india…

may be this will help link

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I didnt get any official response from admin, actuall the wiser, older, ancestor users of forums told me so, which was told to them by (in turn) their senior, wise, ancestor users. XD