laddus for one year completion

can you please tell me when will i get the 1000 laddus of one year completion since i have done all the major contest for one year from FEB 2018 to JAN 2019 and complete at least one question. btw i am very exited because it is my first time thanks for replying .

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I do not know if they give laddus for that but i did read in one of the discussion forums that laddus were to be credited for 100% attendance for 12 consecutive months.I do not know what 100% attendance is but it could be participating in all monthly challenges or opening codechef everyday.

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Yes I do participate in all consecutive monthly challenges for 1 year but there are 2-3 lunchtime or cookoff between which become unrated but i participated in them also.

The thing is that your participation in an event is counted only if you have a positive score(>zero) in all the 3 monthly CodeChef competitions for 12 months consecutively i.e. you should have solved at least one question at least partially…
Hope it helps

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Generally it takes 1-2 months for 1000 laddus to be credited to your account for 100% participation.

CodeChef Attendace Tool is a great place to check your participation in CodeChef contests.

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Thnx for help but there 1 give March 2018 lunchtime but it shows :warning: like that

March LT was unrated: . You will get laddus even if you did not solve one problem.

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Laddus haven’t updated yet can you please tell me when moss process take place

I dont think 100% laddus should be correlated to MOSS in any way lol.

But someone of our codechef memeber told me that it will be credited after MOSS

They are related in a way… Because if someone gets plagarised then he looses the streak… Isn’t it ?


Bro relax… You have a lot of time to go… I haven’t received for Nov cook-off 2017 to Nov lunchtime 2018… So just wait till “soon” and a “week”

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not necessarily …
just 1 submission is enough…even 1 wa…

@vivek_1998299 I don’t think so… I think one must have 1 partial or full AC in one problem of his division in every Long, Cook-Off and Lunchtime for one year…

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@vivek_1998299 you are wrong… you need non zero score for streak though you loose ratings even if you have at least one wrong(/correct) submission…
This is to avoid cases when people just do one fake submission for keeping their streak…

Oooooh …

i have got my laddus bro @l_returns i think you should mailed them for your problem btw @vijju123 can’t you ask admin to give stickers with goodies it helps to promote codechef.