Laddus for November Long Challenge

Has the laddus for NOV17 delivered or Chef is busy with other stuffs?

I think they will be busy removing plagiarism and internal error cases from the ICPC online round.

Yes, I asked it because day after tomorrow we have another Codechef challenge

Yes, COOK-OFF is on 19th November,2017

Having cook-off shouldnt be of any concern :confused: In worst case, the laddus of longa dn cook off can be dispatched together.

A related query. After the ranks of NOV17 were recalculated considering plagiarism, the ratings should be recalculated too. Why has it been delayed ? I am asking because the Codechef Rating Predictor suggests that I would enter the 5* band if it’s done. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s already done. IIRC my rating original went up by 173 then it got reduced to 172.

@nilesh3105 ratings are not recalculated.

My rating is 1798 only and has not changed but rating predictor suggests that my rating will be 1820 and hence I will enter 4 star band. I hope that ratings are recalculated soon :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s done, because I can clearly see people who have a new reduced rank of 7000 (due to plagiarism) having a +170 rating change (as per their old ranks). @vijju123 , if you could look into this ?

Thank you for bringing the issue. Can you please mail me any reference (profile etc.)? Will make things convenient :slight_smile:

@vijju123 this is an issue in general, the recalculations of ratings for NOV17 after plagiarism check has not been done. My rank changed from 500 odd to 430 odd after the check but the ratings didn’t change. Similarly, you can see people who were caught in plagiarism check but their rating change is still positive. The ratings for NOV17 are wrong for the time being.