Laddus for LTIME62

@admin: will the laddus be given??


I had a discussion with @admin regarding laddus. They are more than happy to provide prizes if the community appreciates it and has no problems with that :slight_smile:

We briefly discussed over this matter. The key points were-

  1. Server errors came at end. Hence, laddus for “First to solve the problem” and 100% attendance should be given. Everyone will be marked “attended” whether he solved any problem or not.
  2. I personally insisted that laddus to Top X winners must be given as well, citing that a good majority of those coders attained their scores well before errors crept in, and that there was not much change in who was getting laddus (afaik there was none - but might be mistaken). The basic intuition was, me and @admin both value the time and enthusiasm with which participants participate, and we dont want any such errors to dampen it. Hence, prizes for this will be given normally and we hope the community continues its enthusiasm in contests in future as well :slight_smile:

Thanks for answering :slight_smile:

Btw,laddus for school students only or top X winners??

@vijju123 @admin If laddus can be awarded then atleast ratings of accounts hammered by MOSS should also be increased by a constant factor with a upper limit.
I accept that it was fault from our side but unknowingly and even it never matter how hard you try if your rating is 800 you need 2-3 months to reach back to the yellow band and when one is trying to participate and increase his rating such event occurs and this is codechef’s fault. So, they should accept it and do whatever can be done from their side.

No. One unrated contest is not so big of an issue to entertain such a costly request - not to mention it will set a bad precedent.

Go by whats mentioned at contest page. I think its top school winners.

@quamruzz44 At least u have done something against code of conduct, I am going to be penalized for a reason I don’t even know and without justifying me the reason as well.