"Laddu Accrual System"

I got an email about the “Laddu Accrual System”. So, When will this system be started? I already have some doubts.

  1. Will it be only for the toppers? Or others will also get some ‘Laddu’?

  2. Will it be like a rating system? I mean, can someone get negative number of ‘Laddu’? :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. Will there be any algorithm to distribute the ‘Laddu’ after each contest? Or there will be a fixed amount?

Thank you in advance.

2: No. You can’t really eat a laddu if you don’t have one, right? :smiley:

Question 1 and 3 are already answered in the page you added.

Btw, can you share when did you get the email and what did it say if possible?

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  1. I meant, can the number of laddu be reduced? Suppose one had 100 laddus before a contest and after a bad performance, can it become <100?

    1. It is given only for top 20 participants. But codechef goodies are also awarded to top Indian Participants, top Indian school students etc. So, is it top 20 for each criteria?

I have attached a screenshot of the email.
alt text

  1. No. I don’t see that coming. If someone wins a goodie, he/she can’t loose it after a bad performance.
    1. We have to wait and see what happens. There might be more categories also. Read this line:

“The above categories are just the beginning. We are going to add a lot of other activities to the above list. If you have any suggestions, we are all ears.”

Yeah, that’s true. Let’s see.