knp algorithm

algorithm kmp_table:
an array of characters, W (the word to be analyzed)
an array of integers, T (the table to be filled)
nothing (but during operation, it populates the table)

define variables:
an integer, pos ← 2 (the current position we are computing in T)
an integer, cnd ← 0 (the zero-based index in W of the next
character of the current candidate substring)

(the first few values are fixed but different from what the algorithm
might suggest)
let T[0] ← -1, T[1] ← 0

while pos is less than the length of W, do:
(first case: the substring continues)
if W[pos - 1] = W[cnd],
let cnd ← cnd + 1, T[pos] ← cnd, pos ← pos + 1

(second case: it doesn’t, but we can fall back)
otherwise, if cnd > 0, let cnd ← T[cnd]

(third case: we have run out of candidates. Note cnd = 0)
otherwise, let T[pos] ← 0, pos ← pos + 1

in this we let cnd=t[cnd] in cnd>0 condition …why isnt it cnd=0 instead…what work is cnd=t[cnd] doing

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answer any1!!!