Knapsack Problems?

What are your favourite knapsack problems? Please link them in the answer. I just learnt the algo and would like to get proficient in it. Thanks :smiley:

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this qn itself says it is knapsack problem, u can get ac in first attempt in this qn… easy one


nice problem of knapsack…:slight_smile:


it really helped

Some of them below are good :slight_smile:

Will Add more to the List :slight_smile: if come across some Knapsack problems


Nice Collection :slight_smile:

perfect problem to start with knapsack thanq :slight_smile:

nice one :slight_smile:

what Knapsack itself. i have been looking around on the net, but could not understand the theory yet. i am a nwebie.

i think i found a helpful info here:

This is a pretty good simple knapsack problem:

Another slightly tougher knapsack problem:


Solve this
Good way to start DP and knapsack type problem


Are you sure each of the above problems is an application of knapsack? I have solved some of them and i don’t think so. For example-

  1. MIXTURES - Matrix Chain Multiplication
  2. AGGRCOW - Binary search
  3. STAMPS, BAISED - Adhoc
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I don’t think MINUS on SPOJ is knapsack either.

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Wow!! Instead of replying to our queries, you just edited your answer and made aur questions look stupid. Now what will you do if i say that the problem AE1B is also adhoc ?

really nice one

pale_rider plz look problem carefully then surely u will understand that MINUS on spoj is knapsack :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: infinitum really nice collection :smiley: