keep failing, problem is k fibonacci for beginner

I keep failing this problem…
I use vector, and it has TLE, I use dynamic array and it says runtime error…which i think is weird, because vector uses dynamic array and it don’t produce runtime error…weird
and here’s the list of my submission…

I am very close to giving this problem up…but since I decided to give it a try by maybe asking… I used deque as well…and it didn’t work well, by still having TLE

You could have simply used array. Have a look at this->

Why complicate things??

array gives me runtime error, on the first subtask…I made an array of 200000, and the first subtask gave me…runtime error,flaze07 my new solution…I got it all correct, but…I used an array with the same size as the one where an array of the same size gives me runtime error, weird, oh well I am happy

It’s bad practice to declare such a big size of array locally. Declare them globally

huh…why is it ?