Karma System

Did The Karma System Change Recently? Can the users having karma 1 question now? Are there any other changes in the Karma System?

No, they can’t. I have 1 karma and I am not able to ask any question. Also there is no news/blog post for a new karma system.

Although the /about page says:
No points are necessary to ask or answer questions - you are always welcome to join this community! All you need is a CodeChef user id to be a part of this community.

This actually contradicts the fact that they don’t allow you to ask a question if you don’t have 3 karma.

Ask a question page says:
Sorry, you don’t have permissions to access this page.
This might have happened for the following reasons:
You might not be having enough karma to ask a question. Minimum required is 3.


PS please someone upvote my answer, so i can ask questions.

No,users with 1 karma point neither can ask questions nor up vote someone.

I am also facing the same problem because of less karma points.

During November long challenge I had a doubt related to KFUNC problem but was not able to ask question because of the same problem.

Please someone upvote me before next long challenge.


We can’t even up vote if we have 1 karma points…


Can someone suggest a way to earn karma points.I cant ask any question because the page says that min 3 points are needed while I am stuck on 1.


Yes , exactly , till now there is no such thing , I am not able to ask a Question and it says I need atleast 3 kamra points.

I just don’t know why is system is so kind of though.

please suggest a way as how to increase the karma…am i able to answer the questions of discussions…if yes,
then how?

can somebody upvote so that i can increase my karma points…have lots of questions to ask.please.

Anyone with 1 karma isn’t allowed to ask. Tough this should change. @admin