Karma on codechef ?

What are Karma On Codechef ?

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I had never heard this word on codechef … Now I am curious to know :smiley:

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The underlying principle is that karma is the law that brings back the results of actions to the person performing them. on codechef when you contribute to various questions by answering them, posting nice tutorials or anything that might help others you get karma. on the top rigth corner the number written with your username is your karma. Having more karma allows you to upvote the posts u like, downvote those you feel are not good. You earn karma when gets upvoted by someone(like i just did :wink: ) or when someone accepts your ans to their question

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On codechef, Karma is a numerical value representing how much your contribution to the community has been found useful and how much the community trusts you.

Karma also decides what all restrictions you have on codechef. As you gain more karma, you gain new privileges and thus you can do more things on codechef Discuss. For example, when you earn 15 karma, you can vote up other posts and when you have 50 karma, you can leave comments on other posts.

You can earn karma by posting questions and answers on the codechef Discuss forum. But simply posting them is not enough. When other members of the community find your posts useful, they can vote up ( + 10 karma to you ) your post ( voting up requires 15 karma ) and if it is an answer that you posted, the person who asked the question can mark your answer as the accepted answer ( + 15 to you and + 2 to the person who accepted your answer ).

Note that you do not lose karma for voting up a post, but you lose karma when you vote down another post. But that does not mean you should not vote down wrong answers or bad questions.

You can read the below link to find out more about karma and privileges.

The new Karma system

To see how much karma you have, you can look at the top right after you enter Discuss . The first number ( in this case 616 ) is the karma you have. The other numbers are the badges you have earned

alt text

Or, you can simply scroll up this page, and look at the top right. To the left of the Logout, you can see your karma.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

I am new to codechef. Got stuck in some question and wanted to post a question, but I cannot as I am having only 1 karma point, please help me in this view.


You must have atleast 3 karmas for posting a question and that you can earn by answering any questions :slight_smile:

You can post your question here: https://discuss.codechef.com/questions/97820/i-want-to-ask-a-question-ask-them-all-here. This question will be made into a separate post.

Thanks mate @avi224 :), will bookmark this link.