Karma farming again

Copying from the mail that I send to codechef-

Please do something about this issue. Almost, every month I raise this question on the discuss forum but nothing happens. Lots of people just ask their friends to upvote all their answers in the discuss forum. And how can u except a person to upvote all the answers of the other person in a few seconds.

This just shows that they r doing unethical karma farming. For example, this month,
@ardentcoder got almost all his upvotes from - @shivamk30013 ,@mkbod and
@stevegeek123 and as you can see some similarities that -

  1. Laddus were given to these upvoters by @ardentcoder himself so they can give him karma.
  2. They just upvoted in a matter of few seconds.
    It is also possible that he only created all those accounts.
    This is very unfair to us.

Same with @marshal_roxx.
@abhi_shakes and @marshalspriya upvoted all his answers.

@marshal_roxx and @ardentcoder If you didn’t know about this issue, then I have no problems against you but make sure that you un-upvote all answers back because this is strictly forbidden to ask your friend or create a different account and upvote all ur answers for laddus.


Agree with you.

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And now it seems that these people are un-upvoting the answers of mine that they upvoted. Just to tell you guys, I don’t do this for laddus or else I would have cheated like you. Although karma is a motivation.


hey bro … i really don’t have any idea of this . I upvoted them initially so that they can ask questions and now they upvoted my answers quite a few times . seriously i have no such intentions man …

OK good that you don’t have any bad intentions but then tell them to un-upvote ur answers except the ones that really helped them.

@mathecodician @vijju123

Just noticed a temporary change in rating.

Even I noticed that.

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same here … any idea why ?? has it been restored ??

Yes we did notice it too! I was shocked!

okay but how to do it ??

Must be checking plagiarism.


Tell your friends to un-upvote you.

they ain’t my friends dude .
anyways i urge you two @abhi_shakes and @marshalspriya to kindly un-upvote any comments or posts that you upvoted as any courtesy to me .

now ratings are restored to the initial value

But if they ain’t your friends then why didn’t they upvote other people who also helped them ask questions like @sunil5798 and @hemanth_1. Also, they give him karma to ask before you.

okay … how can i know bro … u are going in altogether different direction …
I upvoted them for the first time when they were short of even 3 karma points . May be , that could be the reason .
Ans for your sake , they have un-upvoted my several threads … i can see my points going down .

I have un-upvoted them for your information . from now on , keep in mind whether you are wrongly accusing someone . all these things don’t quite go with me . REGARDS

I have mentioned this in the last line that if you have not done anything, then I have no problem.

guys, please upvote me. i am new here. nad not able to ask question

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