Just what is THIS guys!


The karma history speaks for itself. I did not create this thread to blame anyone or raise questions. I just want to ask one thing-


Do you think you wont get caught? - Admins have all necessary data and proofs against you, and active users to bring you to their notice.

Do you think no one would notice? - Top Contributor list is publicly displayed at homepage.

Do you think you will be allowed to continue with this illegal karma- Admins can give penalty, upto 2000 or more.

Do you think your plan is unique and wont be deciphered? - One just has to go to the profiles and see all from same college to find its a planning between friends.

Seriously guys!

You want laddus? there IS a very nice 100% attendance reward. Why not try to improve coding(which would help you ALOT MORE in long run), or if that’s not possible, atleast contribute in meaningful way…

Every month we all see these things happening, and people , who might have been potential contributors are banned. It would be so nice if they redirect their efforts in a fruitful direction!

Please stop this childishness. This is a place to contribute-learn and share. Please maintain the decorum of the place, and of the objectives codechef had when it decided to give top contributors some laddus. Don’t make them regret it.


Don’t worry bro! They all will definitely be blocked soon! Try to share more such names so that our @admin would take immediate action against such culprits!

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I had already mailed admin about this with screenshots :). I just wish that these people stop this childishness and think maturely…

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i know that this discussion come into existence and to raise this issue i have done this now i have dropped my karma points.
the question remains that there should be a rule to stop such things like we have codechef cheating saga to stop cheating during contest.
so there should be a rule in contributer section also.


I kind of find it hard to believe (reasons, like swap999 votes are still there and valid, and some other reasons related to my thinking/thoughts of the situation), but I grant you benefit of doubt for now.

Yes, there should be some sort of “checking” to check if all votes received by people were genuine.

But, rest assured, the issue is not THAT great right now (because of reasons, Like, all 5 top contributors for March (or any other month) deserved to be there, and were there by merit and not by any malpractice. The important positions aren’t getting affected. Then we actively and promptly report any violation/act of karma farming to admins who take necessary actions immediately.)

So I slightly disagree that you had to take such a drastic action to bring forward the issue.

I mean, what would you do had admin banned you, making you unable to give your justification? Don’t take unnecessary risks, there are effective ways to bring forward your ideas.

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Agreed. Admins second answer clears everything.

listen i have done my job and i don’t care what all people thinks

The issue stands resolved for now. Hence, closed.