Just curious, How did @marshal_roxx get karma worth 307 in 2 days?

I smell something fishy, In 2 days, his karma has raised suddenly by 307 points, is it even possible?karma upsurge in one day
His karma history graph is too fishy, I think most upvotes aren’t genuine, @marshalpriya has upvoted all his answers.

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Why don’t you ask this question directly to that person. Raising question like this without any proof is not a good act. I appreciate you as you are a good contributor of this discussion here, ask it personally or provide us full proof of you curiosity that you wanna tell us.


hey there @neilit1992 , do you know there is a feature of emails in this era . do use it for letting them know . Don’t just spam in the discussion forums .
for your kind information , being honest , i am not being indulged in any practices that is seeming fishy to you . do check my answers and number of upvotes i have given .

Well 307 karma in 2 days is actually possible if given quite good answers without a person upvoting all his answers.
See @rohit_jere_rj - He hasn’t anything fishy but still he has lots of karma in 2-3 days.

And secondly, I raised this topic here - https://discuss.codechef.com/questions/96166/karma-farming-again.

I am not saying it’s @marshal_roxx 's fault but I agree that @marshalspriya upvoted all his answers.
@abhi_shakes also did it but he un-upvoted few of his anwers.

@bansal1232 there is proof if u see his karma history -
![alt text][1]

![alt text][2]

![alt text][3]

![alt text][4]

And these are just a few of the upvotes and not all because the karma history shows just a few.

And secondly no offense against @marshall_roxx. This was just proof given to @bansal1232.
[1]: https://discuss.codechef.com/upfiles/Screenshot_from_2017-04-22_09-15-04.png
[2]: https://discuss.codechef.com/upfiles/Screenshot_from_2017-04-22_09-15-30.png
[3]: https://discuss.codechef.com/upfiles/Screenshot_from_2017-04-22_09-15-44.png
[4]: https://discuss.codechef.com/upfiles/Screenshot_from_2017-04-22_09-15-54.png


I know its off topic, bit HOW did you post an answer on a closed question?!! O_o

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Haha Yes you are right!

I think he converted comment to answer!

okay , so the thing you all are certainly bothering . should it really concern me if someone upvoted quite a few of my answers . really ??

for example ,@rohit_jere_rj has been upvoted by @johndavis1967 who has created his account just few moments ago before @rohit_jere_rj’s post . or what about @newone123 , who has created his account just for upvoting @rohit_jere_rj’s posts . both these doesn’t have a single submission to his name on codechef .
@rohit_jere_rj is fond of answering questions like "how to take cotests " when the matter of fact is that he himself don’t have any contest to his name .
what about this .

i can come up with many more if i will start looking into other’s account also on discuss.

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Yes exactly I converted comment to answer.


@mathecodician Yes @marshalpriya has upvoted all his answer for some reason, most fishy thing is marshalpriya’s account was started in feb but it was inactive since then but suddenly it is active now and it upvotes only answers by @marshalroxx, DISHLIFE and SIMDISH had so many comments but @marshalpriya found @marshalroxx’s ans the most appropiate to give upvote, and has suddenly upvoted all his ans in a single day.

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Your karma history is evident what practice you are indulged in, 307 upvotes in a single day is possible only when you write too good, an moreover all your naive comments has got upvote mostly by marshalpriya

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This is cheating,for sure.

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No offence intended but I guess codechef should stop giving rewards to top contributors, only then I think such activities could be stopped.

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But @mathecodician have a look at the answers and type of questions being answered.

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