Just asking for a nice editorial in advanced !!

Codechef editorials recently has been very “NOT UNDERSTANDABLE” recently. It was the best even while ago , but atleast for me , the last couple editorials has been pretty tough to understand. And I can’t even ask question cause I don’t even know what to ask. So , my request please make this editorial good and with references. And specially for SEATSR , TRIPS and QSTRING please. It was once best , it can be again. Thanks !!!


I was going to ask the same thing. They should even try to add comments to their code from this time on so that relating them to the editorial can be easy. Otherwise one has to face hard time doing so by themselves . If not comments then try to name variables/data structure used such that they signify the purpose they play in the code.


yeah exactly. sometimes the variable declarations are just horrible. But I really think the code should be well commented.

Please refer to the editorials now, they are better than ever :slight_smile: