Just an idea on faster publication of editorials

Just saying…if the authors of the problems on long/short contests submit an explanation along with the problems there wouldn’t be any delays. It’d be great if their explanation included the following :

Their approach.

Complete description of the approach used.

And hopefully the real-world scenarios where we might encounter such problems, because simply solving the problems without realizing the applications doesn’t make any sense.

And of course after publishing others may share different/better methods to solve, if any. I guess this could be implemented by CodeChef, I mean is it not feasible? By the time editorials are uploaded, the spirit that is present during the contest will almost vanish, so the sooner the better :slight_smile:


I didn’t get your point, almost all editorials are published almost immediately when the contest is over…

^No they are not, over the last few months there has been a significant delay in publishing some of the editorials.

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there has been a significant discussion about this matter here:
http://discuss.codechef.com/questions/32022/some-problems-in-the-state-of-codechef and I have even presented some possible solutions…

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