Just a minor bug

@admin There is a minor bug(I think so). In “My Submission” tab when I submitted code then icon of “result” shows “compile error” instead of “running”. I think this was not there before site update.

Bug Image

It is not a bug . The result appears temporarily as shown in the snapshot(similar to compilation error) for running judge also. In the snapshot it shows 9 secs ago for the submission which means the judge might still be running. Also now I saw the submission(from all submissions window) and it shows wrong answer and not running judge or compilation error.

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But before Update this was not like that. As I remember that there is a round arrow type rotating for “running” type status and not this “compilation error” icon

At times it does show the yellow triangle when judge in running, this is not new. You might not have noticed it before.


It happens with me sometimes as well. Usually when servers are busy. Its not “just confined” to codechef, its seen in almost every other site (eg-hackerrank shows “segmentation fault” sign sometimes while running test case)

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