June Lunch Time 2013

Can anybody tell me what is June Lunch Time 2013 ? I mean what is Contest Duration and number of Questions.
Is it like Long Contest or Short or something in middle ?


June Lunch Time 2013 is a short contest(3hr) from 11:00:00 to 14:00:00 on 30 june 2013


Note: Times are IST.

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will the short contest rating be effected by this contest?

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I don’t think it is an external event because codechef does not have countdowns for the external events. Most probably it will be a rated short event.

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Will it be a regular event…or it is just for the June month??

If it is some new regular contest, shouldn’t there be a blog post about it?

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Some explanations will possibly be provided soon

I think it is permanent, If you open ‘All contests’ it shows the name as LTIME01, which implies that there are more in future.

It may be a Lunch Time contest … but …( 11am - 2pm ), it looks like it’s a deliberate attempt to delay that sunday’s lunch of all the contestants here .

Why is it so? It could have been set for ( 10 am - 1pm ) or ( 12pm - 3pm )… Any idea guys ?

The codechef guys have their lunch after 2 pm :slight_smile:


12am @sumanth232 you sure?


Maybe Lunch Time is a virtual contest – unrated.

Can’t wait for admins’ announcement :smiley:

my guess admin is going to regular organize weekly contest during lunch time…:smiley: …To compete with other websites like codeforces, topcoder may be one of the reason…:slight_smile:

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Just talked to code chef people , they said its a surprise which they will break in a day or two more .

However have a look at the link above , you may win a goodie .

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@admin…is it by ne chance a contest for the new section school…that is for preparation for IOI???


I guess it is for the school kids. Recently CodeChef started Codechef for Schools ( https://www.facebook.com/CodeChefForSchools ),

It may be contest to promote algorithmic online judge coding among the school children who have interest in coding, so that they get a feel of online judges (things like not printing INPUT: enter the number … and OUTPUT:the ans is … ) and get acquainted with online judges.
This is a very great initiative taken up by CodeChef to promote coding and talent in school kids.

And I seriously miss those lunch breaks we had in school. :slight_smile:

This is just a guess.

Looking forward to the contest.


The surprise is over… as @viaan , @kunal361 guessed it is for the school students. Very good initiative taken by codechef to promote programming in school level :slight_smile: all the best codechef… alt text


nice to have contests on a holiday with great timing…i mean utilising the boring time. great job… CODECHEF keep it up

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Maybe I will solve more than 2 problems or understand the tutorials :smiley: Just kidding :wink: