June lunch time 2013 -ratings effect

The code chef team has said that we can participate in lunch contests but will it affect our short contest ratings or will it have a new rating system?

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CodeChef Lunch Time is independent of short contest, hence your ratings will not be affected. A new rating system will be brought into place for the Lunch Time series.


i think codechef will update a blog or announce officially about June lunch time/ codechef for schools, new policies about its events, prizes, problems ,rating,problems,editorials etc .

But best part is , Codechef going to do something really interesting.

Hats Off for Codechef Team.


@chandan11111, So you mean all other contests weren’t interesting? :stuck_out_tongue: Eheh :slight_smile:

Actually, I believe this actually brings Codechef closer to its original purpose, which is to teach how to code, from the start… :slight_smile:

I am far from being a good programmer… I’m just average/low level… But, the joy of explaining small things and see kids which are MUCH, MUCH younger than me (between 5/10 years younger… and Im just 22 yo) actually teaching ME things and “kicking my ass” in a good sense… It just makes me think that maybe this generation can still change our world for best and maybe things can actually get a lot better in a not so distant future :slight_smile:

And being able to witness that and to actually take part on that, it’s just astonishing and to be honest, quite mind-blowing :smiley:



hahaha i didn’t mean that other contest were not interesting :stuck_out_tongue: but Idea of codechef schools is just mind blowing.

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