June Long Contest

I dont know if I’m allowed to ask this or not, but I need help from someone who has completed the problem DELISH, and to check my code in JAVA.
I am not able to find why its giving WA on codechef but giving correct answers for the test cases that i input.
(@admins: i’m extremely sorry if we are not allowed to make such requests. If we are not then it won’t happen again.)

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We are allowed to make such requests, AFTER the contest is over… It took longer already, so, soon editorials will be published and you might get your explanation :slight_smile:

Sadly, I’ve also been stuck on this problem basically for the entire contest… :frowning: I need to improve a lot…

Solved 3 problems in 20 min… And this one has been puzzling me for days and days now… Hope I can learn new stuff from it, but, until then, all we can do is wait :slight_smile:

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