June Long Challenge 2017 is not showing my participation

I participated in the JUNE Long challenge 2017 and was able to score 540 points. I was in the contest ranking table of my college also, but now recently, my participation is not being shown. Only the questions that I made a WA are being shown as attempted. Please anyone look into it, probably some kind of bug. Also, between those time I once changed my password, this should do nothing with that, but still I mentioned it. Please Help.

EDIT : If anyone wants the proof of my participation thank God the rating graph was still the same. Check the rating graph in my profile page, but you wont see any submitted solutions for that contest. What is happening ???

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Hey, I checked it out, and I can clearly see your rank. But it seems, your score is 430, and rank is 1250. Are the results correct or did you do some more problems?

Here is the search I did: link

You saw of JULY long challenge, and not of JUNE. I didn’t knew upvotes were so easy to get.

Interesting. Try mailing your issue to feedback@codechef.com if you haven’t already.

Ok, I mailed already to bugs@codechef. Mailing to feedback too.

It seems there is no one interested in this matter. Do I need to live with it ?

You have been caught for plagiarism, but it’s just that the ratings have not been reduced yet and so it is shown in some places but not in others. It will be done in some time. Also, an email had been sent to the email ID associated with your account when this had happened, asking for an explanation, but we did not receive any reply.

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