JUNE 17 Long Contest laddus

Did anyone receive JUNE 17 Long Contest laddus? @admin

What category are you expecting laddus dear?

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@vijju123 First one to solve PRMQ and CLONEME.

You got only partial points in CLONEME, so i dont think that counts. In PRMQ, I’m not sure. Also, from my experience, laddus arrive within 1 to 2 weeks of the event for which they should be accredited.

I got laddus for being the first one to solve CHEFCODE in May Long 17. I was the first one to solve it partially.

PS I know this sounds weird, but it happened twice with me(in April lunchtime too). But for JUNE long I didn’t receive any laddus.

In each rated contest, the first person to solve each problem (100%) will get 100 Laddus. You can see it here.

For PRMQ problem zscoder was first one to solve it 100%. So he will get 100 laddus for it. You can see it here.

For CLONEME problem jtjl was first one to solve it 100%. You can see it here.

Better luck next time bro… :slight_smile:

That sounds weird. Because the page explicitly states that problem must be solved 100%

Maybe they have changed the rules(see my comment). @admin can you please confirm? I have sent mail to codechef regarding this, but no reply.

I got it confirmed from zscoder. Yes, now only full score will be counted.


Not sure… May be they corrected it later…