JULY17/PSHTTR - Inconsistency in Running Time

I submitted same solution twice to the problem JULY17 - PSHTTR getting different verdict in two tries. On first submit I got AC on one task for Sub-Task 3, whereas on second submit I got TLE on same task. Can someone explain why is this happening?

You already know the rules mate regarding not asking questions related to live contest in discussions. Put it in the comment section. of that problem.

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But, the question doesn’t ask anything about the problem, but rather about inconsistencies in Judge verdicts. Shouldn’t they be consistent every time?

It depends a lot on your code. Its better to keep it for later. Its best to discuss it with problem setter under comments currently, instead of here.

Sure, i thought I might not be the only one affected by this, but since I noticed this anomaly I thought other people could benefit from this too. I’ll start another discussion after the contest ends. :slight_smile:


Thanks for understanding dear. :slight_smile: