july cook-off and lunchtime ratings.......???????

when will codechef will update the july cook-off and july lunchtime ratings???

I don’t understand why it takes so long to get ratings updated. For example, codeforces and atcoder updates their ratings within couple of hours after completion of the contest.

I think it took long this time because of the error in July Cook-Off and since ratings can only be calculated order-wise, the ratings of July Lunchtime can’t be updated until the ratings of July Cook-Off are calculated otherwise the ratings of LTIME50 would be released by now.

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July Cookoff declared unrated.

Any links where it says unrated?

I think they take rating seriously and want to remove every bit of plagiarized code and penalize those who don’t adhere their code of conduct.

In Recent past, many times contest rating was declared after a long time, and there is saying that patience is a key to success.So we should wait and hope for the best.

Wait for it, they were testing things for Cook-off ratings even while Lunchtime. Its natural that this will take time (because they have to make sure ratings of contests before it doesnt become bugged- thats a LOT of work).

They usually update ratings within hours of contest, but since cook-off thing isnt fixed yet, lunchtime is getting delayed with it. Just have patience, its not something we should “pester” them to hurry, because it might create unintended bugs and more headaches for them.

EDIT: Cook-off declared unrated. But Lunchtime ratings should be updated soon enough.

July Cook off has been declared unrated due to the problem in CHANGFUN problem.You can read it from here. https://www.codechef.com/COOK84
And July Lunchtime time rating is delayed only due to the Cook off rating issue.So now rating of Lunch time will be updated quickly.


Thanks for linking it here :slight_smile: