July Challenge

in the second Problem I submitted my code and it gave that I had WA in all test cases
and I tried all possible cases my code worked in all of them
Is someone facing the same problem or there is a problem with my code ?

There are many accepted solutions till now.I am pretty sure that there is some mistake in your code.Please refrain to post questions like this.

may be you are printing any string to take input e.g. “enter a number” etc

I didn’t mean anything . I am just asking because I am using C# so I thought there was a problem or something

no no I didn’t do that
and I had the same output of the example and I tried a lot of possible test cases and it worked . I asked this questions because I had WA at all test cases it is weird for me because I am sure that my code solve the problem

For such queries, keep an eye on “All submission” and sort it according to language and verdict. If you see something fishy, post it under comments and mail it to them as well.

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I filtered the codes and There is Two accepted codes using C#
I also have an AC code in the first problem so I will check my code again

no there is not.The question is absolutely fine. U r getting wrong somewhere. Passing all possible testcases coming up to your mind doesn’t mean u r correct. Try redoing with different approach.