julka almost done, any altrnative for getch() from conio.h ??

i have coded correctly for julka ( http://www.spoj.com/problems/JULKA/ ) but my code depends on gecth() to make string of big no,given the fact that conio.h isnt standard and hence spoj server gives compilation error when i use getch(), is there another standard function which i can use in place of getch() or can someone tell me about the function definition of getch in conio.h
here is my solution : http://ideone.com/zKJs3T
thanks 4 your time…:slight_smile:

You can use getchar(), but instead why not use a string to take input? Declare a string or char array and then get its length by stlen(). It will lead to a much cleaner and bug free code.


yeah…man,i used string and dre things got simplified…
thanx for help :slight_smile: