judge not working ???

My solution submission page is just showing running image for 20 minutes. I have checked the My Submissions tab too…


yeah the My submissions tab is also not showing the submitted code.Admin please look into this.


@eightnoteight : It is not working for me also . I have informed the admins of codechef .

I tried submitting for the challenge problem of May Challenge but my submissions didn’t evaluate and nothing on my submissions page also .

In case you want to resolve this fast send a mail to bugs@codechef.com and feedback@codechef , they will try to resolve it faster if they have evidence that more people are facing the problem .

Cheers , Happy Coding .

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@all : It seems its resolved . Check again :slight_smile:

Its resolved.

Hi All, There was an issue on our database, we have fixed it now. All your submissions have been judged. we regret the inconvenience. :slight_smile: