Judge issue for SBSTR (Count Substrings)

I was not able to solve this problem during the contest and then I solved the problem in practice section.

I found some other submission same as I did but I got 40 points only and that person got 100 points for the same logic.

Then I decided to submit the same code ( as submitted by that user ) in the practice section ( I hope submitting code of some other user in practice is not considered wrong ) but still I have got 40 points for the same.

Do the code judged on different test cases during contest and in practice ?

Below is the link to code which got 100 points during contest time.


And here is the link to the same code which has got 40 points during practice time.


The test cases are the same. The judging queue and random compiler optimizations seem to play a role here.

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he is a lucky guy… I got tle for even for 5 submissions :slight_smile:

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