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I just wanted to know. What is the best way to learn Java ? I have looked around and cant really decide how. Like do i just learn syntax and then do excercises? I just wanted some good advice on how, and effectively learn Java and other Programming languages. Thank You!

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Java is a object oriented programming language. Unfortunately learning a oops language is often mistaken to just study the theory of polymorphism, inheritance. But the fact is that these are just the basics.

To really understand the power of OOPs and Java, you should study each and every line of Head First Design Patterns in Java, the first 3 chapters. This will take you focused 2 hours per day of study. This will take you about a week. Dont do more than 2 hours a day. And do it focused without any disturbance. Have a bottle of water with you a lot of rough paper work and some good pencils. Also have your eclipse open to try things out. But I guarantee, in a week you will be wiser than anyone you know, and will laugh when someone says that they know Java :).


The most important question is “What’s your goal?”. Why you want/need to learn Java? If you want to use Java in contest programming you do not need OOP at all… Also, the important question is “What programming languages you know already?”, if you used C/C++, JavaScript or PHP the syntax will be easy for you. The second most important thing to learn in Java (syntax is the first of course) is “Collection framework” - and while learning collections one have to understand what’s “interface construct” I didn’t meet this in another language I know, so probably it will be new for bigger part of Java begginers.

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@betlista how u implement multiset in java???

Probably the Best book on java is:Head First.Its conceptually very best!! U can also have a look at newBoston videos!!!Here is a link!!
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If you want to learn java for the sake of programming contests it is not going to bring in a lot of difference if you are already comfortable with c or c++.
Having said that OOP concepts are definitely interesting to keep yourself glued to it!

first and foremost I would suggest you to start with the basics
Take up a good book…I would suggest Herbert Schildt
You may find things to be alien initially but dont loose hope.

The best way to learn is to apply it practically.
Run every simple program in an innovative fashion… with that i mean you should have an approach of what-will-happen-if-i-go-the-unconventional-way!
Be inquisitive!
Run all sorts of programs possible on the topic you have just read… that really gives you the practical approach and you will gain confidence once you start getting the required outputs!

Dont rush it. Learn it slowly and steadily. Its an interesting language, the deeper you go into it, the more you will fall in love with the language!

Once you are through with the theory…only practice can make you better!
So keep practicing to get a better command over the language

happy coding! :slight_smile:


I’m using java.util.Map for this. I wrote some text about it on CodeForces -

Ask if there is something unclear :wink:

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Thank you! but i have learned to read instead of watching because videos are very slow paced.

Sorry i couldnt give u any points but the points thing is pretty messed up on Ubuntu. Thank you for your advice! and btw for his books is it this?

Thank you for your response ! Is this book really worth the 25 dollars? or should i could this : . I have already done a bit of HTML and CSS and Javscript and PHP and some C. :smiley: I have been jumping around . Should i follow this at the same time im reading through the java tuts from oracle? BTW i use netbeans :p.

I need Java for FRC when im in high school ;););). So i need OOP for that. I think im just going to buy this or this and then worry later.

wow, thank you for your suggestion. I will follow it. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

@dswag yes this is the book…
you can download the pdf if you dont want to invest right now…

@bugkiller always my pleasure! :wink: :smiley:

One more thing, Are the chapters after ch3 junk or should I still go through the rest of the book?

Yeah dats true!!!But reading book is monotonous!!and buying every book is not possible!!!Complete reference by Herbert Schildt is also good…and watching tutorials is fun sometimes!!Best way is practice…

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Java : The Complete Reference by Tata Mc Graw Hill publishers , is a very good choice to learn Java language . Design patterns and algorithms are very important but those are areas of study on their own and I guess you are asking help for the language in particular . For algorithms use Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen et. al. and for Design Patterns you may use Head First Design Patterns or Design Patterns by GoF ( Gang of four … nick name , real name Gamma , Vlissides … etc )


Thank you! I have just ordered Head First Design Patterns.

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