Java Oops Programming Concept

hey guys can you provide me questions on Oops concepts of Java from beginner level to advance level,
not questions like we do in Procedural Prograaming, but purely using Oops concepts.


Java is an Object-Oriented Programming Language, but, you can’t speak of “OOP concepts of Java”… Instead you can say: “learn OOP concepts, using the language Java for the purpose”.

Note this is a small, but, important and key difference, which you should have present at all times…

Now, to learn OOP concepts, like classes, inheritance, abstraction, etc, you can simply search the web for those concepts and use Java as you go along your studies :slight_smile:

A rectangle is the same whether it’s modelled in Java or C++ (or may not be, it’s all up to you!!)… With this in mind, you can read the Java tutorials which also cover some basic OOP concepts I think :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Bruno Oliveira

You don’t want to be spoonfed believe me . Java is Object Oriented in every aspect , so as you’re learning Java you’re getting acquainted with OOPS as well or vice versa.
Try to focus on :

Abstraction vs Encapsulation (Difference)

Inheritance (You can extend only one class. Why ?)

Polymorphism (Overloading , overriding , constructor overloading)

  • Why to prefer static methods over constructor ? or not ?
  • Unboxing , Autoboxing ? Is it related to abstraction ?
  • Significance of Interfaces considering OOPS.
  • In threads diffrence between runnable and thread class ?
  • Thread and Encapsulation with interfaces ? How it works ?
  • Classes like Integer , Double etc … What role do they play in Object oriented aspect of Java ?

Well , you get the idea.

Good Luck !!!