java: NZEC runtime error in FORGETPW

i am getting a runtime error of NZEC in java all the time. Please help/suggestions.

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Do this problem in C/C++

i am also getting NZEC in java , but my code is running fine for all possible test cases on my pc. When i put my code in try catch block i got WA. Please help !!!

Getting TLE continously provide some hint for optimization

Same problem with me…! I am working on this issue since 3 days. I don’t know y codechef don’t provide some more testcases. This really sucks.

The same happened to me… I thought my code worked fine for all test cases… but it didn’t :slight_smile:

Try to delimit the problem with try/catch blocks until you get an ‘Wrong answer’ result…
You’re probably doing a mistake decoding the password… I’m sure of that.