Java help..

I want to improve my Java Programming Skills, what is the best way. I’ve read plenty of java books and practice lot of programs. But i want to increase my level of java Programming.

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Well you’re in the right place then… The only way to improve your programming skills is to practice… There are a lot of exercises in this site and if you want to test your level just try out the contests (there are a lot of great programmers there so don’t give up if you end up in a very low position, if you keep practicing you’ll get better) and if you ever need tips as long as they are not directly related to a problem of a live contest just post them here.


If You need to increase your level of “java Programming”. Then you have to take good project and work on that. while doing real life projects you will get good experience and you will learn new things. What you learn from your experience will be concrete in your mind. Try to find your own ideas and try to implement it. It will be more Interesting. You will have thrill whether you can or not .And once you have succeed you will be satisfied and you will try to do more. thats all…

 Else If your need is to improve "programming skill".  This is right and great place..!!! 

then practice and participate. you will definitely improve. all the best…

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