java execution time

Is java an appropriate programming language for ACM ?
Since it seems that it acts slower than C and C++ ;
is it true?

My opinion is, that good problem is such, that if you approach is wrong, then test data should return TLE even when time limit is set for 5x-10x as setter’s solution execution time.

Yes, Java is slower, because it’s secure and interpreted, especially low level functions are slower a bit, like reading huge input files. In contest programming it shouldn’t be a problem, also other even slower languages (like python) should be ok. Petr is also using Java…

Unlike C or C++ code, which can natively be understood by the system directly, the compiled Java byte code is first interpreted by java, then executed natively. It sure is a bit slower than C/C++.

However, recent versions of java have reached a performance level that almost matches the pace of native codes!

Also, the rich set of APIs that is available with Java is also a great aid. It makes your problem easy to code, and smaller as compared to those of C or C++.