java editorial please

why all the editorial are in C language … can anyone write the editorials in java plzz?

I think you mean code in JAVA. Editorials are written in English :slight_smile:
If you want code in JAVA most of the problems have JAVA submissions at the end of the list of Accepted solutions for the problem.
You can go through them I guess.
You can find some top contestants(like EgorK) who code in JAVA, if they participate in a contest, they solve the whole problem set(more often than not) you can check their profiles for JAVA implementations.


why all the editorial are in C language

Code are submitted in the language one is comfortable in. And C or C++ (as visible on problem pages) happen to be quite popular, so they are mostly in C or C++.

But is this a problem, for say a Java programmer?

No. Because the code in any language (baring the esoteric one’s) is supposed to be written, so that it could be understood easily. And with a good editorial, code becomes even simpler to comprehend.

To understand the logic of the solution, any common programming language is sufficient.

One can easily write his/her own versions of the solution in any language of his/her own choice, once the idea is clear.